Use Cases


There are so many uses for this technology and even though we're trying, we can't think of everything.

Industrial Tech

IoT Software Solutions:

The internet of things is an exciting space right now but anyone who has looked at the industry can see that there are a dearth of devices but a lack of ways to make them work together. Arduinos and Raspberry PIs have made it easy to prototype and produce hardware. viaBLEgrid provides an easy to integrate software layer for existing IoT projects.







Smart Homes & Cities:

Nowadays everything has a computer. Stoves, kettles, shoes, pets and many other objects are talking to each other more than ever. Automating and augmenting everyday activities to help us understand our lifestyles and improve them. Outside our homes, streetlights, roads, garbage bins and even entire public buildings are collecting and analyzing data to more efficiently manage resources.




This sector is by far the most important in our world but can also be the most delicate. Dealing with living things means that even slight environmental changes can spell disaster. All parts of the ecosystem must be heavily monitored and regulated. However, the sprawling and rural setting can make this difficult not to mention predial larceny. An infrastructureless, dynamic, low-cost self-healing network of devices is perfect for such an operation.





Mobile Asset Tracking, Warehousing & Logistics:

Stay on top of your storage & distribution operations without large pieces of hardware. unreliable batteries. Network interruption and many other inconveniences presented by most of today's solutions. ViaBLEgrid uses Bluetooth Low Energy to network devices, making for a much more energy and cost efficient system.






Remote Site Communications:

Once upon a time, when the first rails for trains where being laid far and away in the frontier, if there was an inquiry or instruction for someone out of earshot that couldn’t be delivered in person by the sender a small boy might carry said messages my note or memory. Or maybe they used some sort of bird. Today, in spite of technology, geography, weather and other natural forces can cut the lines of communication between teams of builders, scientists, miners, engineers or even friends on a hike. The cost of not having reliable or nay connectivity in these circumstances could range from minor inconvenience, to time and money or even safety/life. viaBLEgrid. Utilizes the devices we all have to form a self regulating, self healing mesh network.






Network Infrastructure Support:

Anyone who’s ever been to championship game, concert, far flung festival should remember with dismay the unreliability of their data/wifi connection if at all there was any. Taking pictures, taking notes, exchanging messages, contacts or files, checking in with work or home are all things one must be willing to sacrifice if you go to such an event. Or do you? ViaBLEgrid can either support an event’s existing network or be it’s own self regulating, self healing mesh network. Allowing attendees to connect to each other and the more the merrier and stronger the network.






There is more building now than ever before. Cranes litter the skyline. These projects and their personnel need to be safe above all else. Communicating efficiently is key to this. Unfortunately, due to inconvenient geography, certain building materials or the construction process itself can make conventionally networked communications impractical or wholly unfeasible. Using member's existing hardware (their phones) viaBLEgrid can connect them to each other anywhere and anytime.






People Tech

Disaster & Emergency:

Every year, around the end of summer the news becomes heavily punctuated with the ruin and tragedy that is hurricane season. Every year more come. So too it seems with earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and the like (volcanoes excluded). The most impactful and heartbreaking part is the human suffering left in its wake. Officials, and rescue/aid workers scramble but they drop the ball in some shape or form many a time. Enter viaBLEgrid. We connect affected people to each other, to help/rescue and to the wider world. Since viaBLEgrid requires no infrastructure but multiple charged devices, destruction of regular infrastructure, though tragic, is no obstacle to an injured person sending a distress signal to everyone around him.






Relief & Aid:

Most of the attention that “offline” mesh networking has gotten has been because of its potential for humanitarian response. Our aim the “Connect the Last Billion” so naturally want to apply tech to relief efforts. ViaBLEgrid enables not only the recipients but also the distributors of aid.






Our friends over at Firechat have already proven that our decentralized chat can aid activism. Both technological advances and social inequality/oppression have been on the rise of late. Commensurately so has activism. Protests and marches are too numerous to count. Communication is a key part of the organizing necessary for successful protests, marches, etc. viaBLEgris enables protect their right to speak freely and protest against the powers that be who control regular communications infrastructure. By empowering people to create and maintain independent networks.







Urban Safety:

Considering the #metoo movement and general increased awareness about sexual assault & violence against women, the timing of our Safety SDK is perfect. A young woman Angela is traveling alone by London tube on a Friday night. In the busy shuffle of intoxicated revellers, an assault could easily go unnoticed. What if Angela could push a button that would notify capable nearby that someone is in danger? Many incidents could avoided or at least witnessed.






Social & Dating:

Our social app BuckleUp is Dating Nearby and Now. Local Matches & IRL Meetups. Underground or inflight. Still working when & where other apps don’t. BuckleUp uses proprietary online/offline technology to connect people in the Tube in a Plane during concert or Events, when Users don’t have any network they still can communicate together using our mesh networking technology. AI and hyperlocation allows precise nearby matches.





Corporate Tech

Secure Communications:

Do you travel to China or Russia for business? Are you friends with Edward Snowden? Do you not belong to either of those categories but you handle sensitive digital data and communications? Does end to end encrypted, offline, anywhere/anytime, wifi/internet independent data transfer sound appealing to you? Have private and confidential meeting or exchange even in a crowded space by using viaBLEgrid.






Proximity Advertising:

Enriching promotional & educational experiences with contextual information using tech like Augmented Reality is gaining popularity in spaces like Malls & Museums, Conventions & guided tours. Approaching a kiosk or exhibit sends a general or targeted notification with some kind of data (audio, text, images etc) to user's smartphones. Thereby digitally enhancing experiences without prohibitively priced hardware and infrastructure.





Bespoke Messaging:

Are you a developer looking for the missing piece to your project? Are you looking for a ready-to-integrate chat solution for you app? Empower people to connect even without 4g, 5g or Wifi. Check out our SDKs.